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Harnessing the Power of People and Neuroscience
to Drive Growth

Success is not a series of tasks that need to be achieved. It is a set of human interactions that lead to the realization of goals for an individual and organization. The human side of leadership and business builds on personal growth to create an environment that fosters purpose, creativity and responsibility. With every engagement, we include neuroscience, psychology and business principles that can take you and your organization to the next level. 

Building Purpose, Creating Confidence & Making an Impact

Quality Content & Actionable Ideas

I am on a mission to help people and organizations find solutions to problems they face through awareness, education, and understanding. Whether on-stage or online in a small or large group,  I will provide a program with quality content and actionable ideas that transforms the audience; helping leaders, managers and employees elevate their performance to achieve their goals and that of their organization.

"Dr. Maria is gifted in utilizing her psychology and neuroscience. It is always a privilege to hear her speak"

Cindy Polverino


Why Choose Dr. Maria as Your Next Speaker?

Choosing the right speaker is paramount for the success of your event. Our ability to incorporate neuroscience, psychology and business principles to foster growth and transform individuals is our strength. We are committed to delivering exceptional service to meet the needs of every client with a unique approach. Each and every engagement is tailored and centers on authenticity, relationship building and excellence.  

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Maria Dowling, Psy.D., MBA, MS
Neuroleadership-Speaker-Master Trainer


Dr. Maria is your personal and professional transformational expert. As a certified Core Energy coach and neuroscientist with a doctorate degree in Psychology, Masters in Neuropharm, MBA and over 25 years of experience, she draws from science and research based strategies to deliver and engage audiences around the world. Dr. Maria has several national certifications; including in Professional Coaching, Hypnosis, Mediation, and Leadership. Her multi-disciplinary expertise brings a unique set of knowledge and skills in the area of neuro (brain) based topics, leadership and business. Her passion in education and experience as a professor of two major universities reinforces her ability to transfer information to others and inspire creativity and learning . 

Corporate Consulting 

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Dr. Maria is the Founding Partner of KMDN Global Business Partners. KMDN is a full service management firm with a global footprint in key business hubs across continents. We have a diverse team of highly skilled consultants combines deep industry knowledge with cross-sector expertise, enabling us to serve clients across a wide range of industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, energy, consumer goods, and more.

Partington Award

Being part of the business community is an important part of my life and business goals.  Honored to received the Mayor's Award in Ormond Beach, Florida at the Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce Banquet.  Leadership in community is the cornerstone of success. 

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In 2022, I was honored to receive the Woman of the Year Award.  Being part of professional women in the Flagler Community has been an amazing experience.  Part of my mission is to elevate every woman to achieve their vision of success. With that goal in mind, several of my seminars, speaking engagements are focused on women leadership.  I also started EleVateHER in Business and EleVateHER Mastermind Groups in central Florida. 

Get support, develop relationships and have the types of conversations you can't have at work or in your business. Our exclusive community of women leaders who are supportive, insightful and hardworking. Women that will inspire you to achieve your vision of success both in your personal and professional life. ​
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